H.I.S. x Telecom Square Special Offer

H.I.S. x Telecom Square Special Offer

To get $9/day rental of Japan Wifiegg for any purchase of JR Pass in H.I.S. HK

*Important: The number of day of $9/day Wifiegg special offer will be same as that of JR Pass. The rest of days in your journey will be charged $40/day.
For example, you journey is on 10 days in total and you bought the 7 days Japan rail pass. Which means you can enjoy $9/day for 7 days and the rest of the day (3 days) at $40/day 

A) Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass)

■Orders must be placed at least 5 working days before your departure date
■You will receive a confirmation email after purchasing the JR Pass in our website. You can enjoy $9/day for Japan 4G wifi rental (reservation method as follow:)
 Learn more / Reservation 


*Booking period: until 31Dec

*Please note that You must turn in your Exchange Order to obtain your JAPAN RAIL PASS within three months from the date the Exchange Order was issued (for example, an Exchange Order issued on 15Sep would have to be turned in by 14Dec)

*The number of day & Travel period of $9/day Wifiegg special offer will be same as that JR Pass. The rest of days in your journey will be charged $40/day.


B) Wi-Ho!Wifiegg

■Discount Product:Japan, 宇宙無敵 (4G Softbank) [click here for product details]  
■Orders must be placed at least 2 working days before your departure date
How To Order:   After purchasing the JR Pass from H.I.S., please forward the confirmation email of H.I.S. to info@telecomsquare.hk with ‘your departure date’ and ‘arrival date’ as well as ‘pick up’ and ‘return’ method of the Wifiegg.

*For pick up and return method of Wifiegg, please watch video at: http://www.telecomsquare.hk/steps.html

Please contact us at 3568 0070 if you have any question.

*First come first served
*If we don’t have the stock we can’t provide the device.

***Terms & Conditions***

■This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer.
■This promotion offer is only for Wifiegg rental (exclude the accessories, insurance, admin charges etc)
■No transfer of order is accepted for this promotion. We would charge admin fee $50 for each revise of order. (Please refer to FAQ)
■Telecom Square HK reserve the right of final decisions.

  • Destination
  • Departure
    Aug 17, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017
  • Duration
  • Airline
  • Package Number
    HIS x TS
  • Starting fromHK$160Up
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H.I.S. x Telecom Square Special Offer